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10 facts about color

January 13, 2013 Comments Off on 10 facts about color
10 facts about color

Our world is extremely colorful and varied. We do not even imagine life without color. Do you know the color of our universe? What color like most people? The answers to these and many other issues related to color exist in our news.

1. It turns color creates the brain, processing the signals of the light coming from outer space. Without it, our world and reminds monochrome images from the famous movie “The Matrix.”

2. Scientists have found that the perception of red meets the X-chromosome. Therefore, women are much better than men distinguish shades of red. Recall that women have two X – chromosomes, while males have only one.

3. The best color for a car – silver. According to statistics from the machine silver less involved in accidents. This is due to the fact that they are clearly visible on the road and in the twilight.

4. Feel the aggression and anxiety? Surround yourself with things pink. Pink has the property to calm nerves.

5. According to a survey conducted in seventeen countries, blue is the favorite color of forty percent of the population. Least favorite was considered white.

6. Some people are hromofobii. In this disease, a person has a panic at the sight of brightly-colored or a certain color items. Fortunately, this disease is easily treated by various methods of psychotherapy.

7. The taste of the food depends on the color of dishes. For example, hot chocolate tastes better to drink cups of orange, and coffee – from brown. By this view, Spanish scientists have come as a result of an experiment with 57 volunteers.

8. Color wheel, invented by Newton, clearly shows what colors are obtained by mixing the primary colors.

The main colors are yellow, red and blue. Orange, green and purple are secondary colors are formed by mixing the primary colors. Auxiliary – shades that form as a result of mixing primary and secondary colors. The color wheel helps you understand what colors are in harmony with each other.

9. In 2001, scientists studied nearly 200,000 galaxies, brought the average galactic color. It was called the “cosmic latte.” According to research by astronomers our universe is beige and white.

10. Two colors around which did not subside controversy – it’s black and white. Consider them flowers or not? Scientists believe that the white – it’s a mixture of all colors, and black – the absence of all colors. According to white artists – is the absence of color, and black – the color.

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